Thursday, September 16, 2010

Who do YOU wear YOUR make up for?

This is a question that I think every person out there who indulges in make up should ask themselves. Who are you wearing it for?

Personally, I wear make up to make myself feel better. I don't wear make up to impress anyone. Sure, I wear make up to look nice, and I wear it to beautify myself so that I don't look drab. But I don't wear make up so that I can impress anyone.

I adapt Lady Gaga's ethos; look the way you feel. I can't wear the clothes she wears, but I can at least wear make up the way I feel. Of course, you have to consider the occasion you're wearing the look to, but that just adds to the challenge of creating a look that suits your mood.

Wear make up for yourselves, guys and gals; just as you would wear what you want because you feel like it, and not because everyone else is doing it.


  1. Good theory. I like to wear makeup for myself.. I think it's dumb if someone is wearing makeup for others.. People should like them for just being them! :)

  2. (Sharkie here; using my other account to reply.)

    I love looking awesome to suit the mood! Sometimes when I just couldn't be bothered, I wear just a bit of concealer to hide the panda eyes, but when I'm feeling particularly fantabulous, I love colour. It's just so damn cool to me. :D