Thursday, October 21, 2010

Liquid eye liners for newbies

I remember trying to line the top lash line of my eye for the first time with a felt pen liner; it was a tragedy. It looked like someone took a Sharpie pen and drunkenly scribbled on my eyelid.

What it looked like... RAGE!

Lining your top lid can be very tricky.

But there is only one way you can learn to do it right...

PRACTICE. Get a drugstore liner and practice lining your top lash line. It's what I did; I wanted so badly to be able to line my top lash line, but my hands were shaky as the recent earthquakes here in Christchurch.

Here's a video by MakeUpGeek that shows how you can line your eyes using different products.

If you still feel that you can't do it with wet products, try using an angled brush and dark eyeshadow; dry products are more forgiving.

Keep practising. After a while, you'll get a hang of things, I promise. I, too, am a makeup newbie, and I practised.