Friday, September 10, 2010

What products do I use for contours and highlights?

There is no IT product, really. It's just what you find that you think will work for your skin tone.

For me, I use this light shimmery eyeshadow for my highlight, and a dark taupe eyeshadow for my contour.

Here are swatches of both colours; I've pressed them on very strongly so that you can see them.
The trick when applying these colours onto your face is to gently pat your brush onto the pressed colour, and to slowly build up the product. Don't scrub it on! You'll end up looking like an accident at the make up counter. (Blame the badger with a gun.)

You can use the eyeshadows as eyeshadows as well, yes. A bronzer can be used as a contour, but if you want to use something that has a more similar colour to your skin, perhaps a singular eyeshadow that is a darker version of your skin would do well.

Chi Chi singular eyeshadow in Centrefold
Jordana single eyeshadow in Dark Coffee

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