Sunday, November 14, 2010

Make up snobbery

Have any of you ever walked up to a make up counter to sample some products, only to be looked down at by the salesperson that staffs the counter? Have you ever felt intimidated by their attitude towards you? Do you feel like they're mocking you behind your back when you're standing at the make-up counter?

You're not alone.

I don't understand why some (not all, mind you) of the women who work a high end make up counters act like they're the authority of what is cool and what is not. They seem to radiate a certain know-it-all attitude; before I was even into make-up the way I am now, I used to dress as casually as possible; I wore khakis, running shoes and a fitted shirt. I had a backpack with me for lecture materials, and I didn't even bother with lip balm. When I walked into the department store dressed like this, approaching the make up counter, I could almost read their faces.

Sure, some ladies are nice and they don't bother you at all, but the snooty ones who work behind high end brand counters react to me like I'm a homeless person or something.

Things changed when I started to dress differently and started to care a bit more about my appearances. I actually felt confident walking into a department store; the snooty make up girls were actually friendly towards me.

Odd, yes?

Then when I wanted to purchase an item, I was corrected about how to pronounce the name of a certain eyeshadow. This was at a MAC counter at Ballantynes; the eyeshadow I wanted was Plumage. Plumage as in a peacock's plumes; this is pronounced ploom.age. Then she corrected me with this know-it-all attitude and said "Oh, you mean Plummage?" I just nodded and smiled.

I still don't understand why some girls who work the make up counter act like they're so fantastic and look down on others who have no make-up knowledge. Art is about encouragement, and make up should empower us to feel confident and beautiful. Women who act like snobs towards others just because they're in the know with the beauty and cosmetics industry may look pretty, but their attitude casts an ugly shadow over themselves.

And that is why I started this blog; to get people to feel at ease with make up, to learn that it's OK to make mistakes, and to let you know that we're all still learning. It's OK to feel like you're an outcast or that you're not pretty enough; I know how that is, and I feel that way everyday.

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